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TDOR Webcomic Project 2011

Just a reminder about this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomic Project. And just what is that?

The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialise those who were killed (or forced to suicide) due to anti-Transgender hatred or prejudice., and is held annually on 20 November. The Webcomic Project is where participating contributors draw and publish a relevant webcomic or image for the day (or equivalent date, depending on schedule) with links to other contributors and/or the archive. The main thing is to educate the readership of each person's webcomic or blog about the issues listed above.

You don't have to be transgendered to join, just appreciating the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialised is enough. What you do need is a suitable image or comic that appears on a site (webcomic, blog, Live Journal et cetera) read by others. If you do a webcomic yourself it could be included in that, or in a related blog if such would be out of context for the webcomic.

If you do participate, be sure to send a copy of your contribution to the Archive where they will be uploaded later for posterity (details of how to do this are at the site). This year's theme is "Open" - You may do whatever subject you like, related to the day.

New Book With Trans Protagonist by Trans Author

Hey, if you want to check out my novel I'd be really grateful, especially if you pass it on too. It's hard to get noticed as an indie author...I think it's important to have more fiction (and art in general) about transgender/transsexual experiences by people who have actually experienced such things. I believe through fiction, you can access a different kind of truth than you can in memoirs and workbooks.  

Anyway, I'm done lecturing : ) Hope you'll check it out. 

Ebook - $2.75

Paperback - $6.83
PDF Sample- Free

(if you really can't afford a copy and want one, get in touch with me via facebook.) 

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"All writers are born in the wrong body, but it happens to be the reader’s good fortune that Elliott DeLine was literally born in the wrong body – even if he would never use a tacky tranny cliché like that. Refuse is a stunning debut “novoir” about an over-observant young outsider with really great hair who is outside everything – including the transgender community – but keeps a great deal bottled up inside.Funny, cynical, tough, vulnerable, honest, deluded, sagacious, self-loving and self-loathing, Refuse is irresistible."

-Mark Simpson, author of Saint Morrissey, It's A Queer World, and Metrosexy


Hi I'm new here.

Looking for some new LJ friends thought this would be a good place to start! :) Here's some of my art. Critique if you'd like..

Kind of old. I did it last spring in my art class.. I have a few more tarot drawings. I'll post later.

I've worked on my roses more. I've actually gotten really good at roses, drawing them is like second nature for me. :)

and this is my ex and I. Never finished it. But I thought it was cute.